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Deliver 24/7 via our automatic pizza vending machine

our machine cook your pizza in 3 minutes

Order your pizzas at the Pizzamat24


Choose one of the services
Deliveroo, Glovo or Uber Eats


Enjoy your tasty pizza 24/7

Compact Construction

Pizzamat24 is built with space in mind, compact and lightweight, maintain a heavy-duty construction.


Pizzamat24 is completely customizable, the external shell can be designed to your needs, add your logo and use one of our many available graphics.

Full Telemetry

With our dedicated management software, you can monitor the full operations of the machines, have detailed statistics about machines performance. It is a precious and useful tool that let you understand the behave of your customers and decide if the location is profitable enough.

Enjoy pizza everywhere

Order the Pizzas from one of the services
Deliveroo, Glovo or Uber Eats and wait the delivery.
The cardboard box is easily foldable so you can bring it anywhere
Enjoy Pizza anytime with your friends, our Pizzamat24 deliver 24/7.
Perfect for kids

Let’s discuss together your ideas and plans.

Invest in your Pizzeria!

PizzaMat24 vending machines are suitable for a very wide range of goods and businesses, from hospitals to pharmacies, bookstores, service areas, amusement parks, wine bars, seaports, airports, historic centres, museums, condominiums, villages, tourism, camping, parks and companies canteens.