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DAINT, Innovative automatic distribution systems

DAINT srl produces spiral-less automatic distributors that are able to dispense products of any size, both traditional and hi-tech.

Thanks to this technology, DAINT vending machines are suitable for a very wide range of goods and businesses, from hospitals to pharmacies, bookstores, service areas, amusement parks, wine bars, seaports, airports, historic centres, museums, condominiums, villages. tourism, camping, parks and companies canteens.

PizzaMat24 by Daint

DAINT “vending machines” are able to dispense items of different shapes and types, blister packs, bags, regular or irregular shapes.

It differs from traditional vending machines for the ability to dispense products of different sizes.
Daint devices are protected by an international patent and this makes our vending machines as unique in the world as our MAT24 line: a showcase made up of a large surface area and with an internal warehouse of 0.57 m3 of totally self-manageable and totally self-refillable volume. in the form of self by the shopkeeper himself.

It has a management control that connects to your phone and allows you to constantly monitor the stocks of your vending machine.
Thanks to the wide range of DAINT vending machines you can not only automate your shop but build real automatic shops open 24/24, seven days a week, constantly monitored by your phone.

Excellent Service

All our machines are constantly monitored via our monitoring sites, one fully automated control and data center at our main operation office. A secondary site in Mailand to enhance security and international gateway.

Deeply Commited

We are committed to delivering quality and customer satisfaction. All our machines are built with state of the art machine and component.

Highly Skilled

Pizzamat24 is one of the latest projects developed using our manufacturing experience, find out more about all other vending machines. Combined Pizzamat24 with WineMat24 machines
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